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The Family Safety


  • Maintaining Home Safety

    In today's world,  maintaining Personal Safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Every time you turn on the TV you see stories about someone being robbed, attacked in their homes, attacks in schools, attacks in churches and on and on it goes. It really makes you not want to watch the news.  Your home is a place that you should always feel safe and one of the things that we have found to deter possible home invasions and break ins are Dummy Cameras. Dummy Cameras make it appears as if your hours is being monitored, and we have found that homes with Surveillance Cameras active or dummies has a smaller chance of being violated. Be vigilant at all times, if possible get involved with your community crime watch, make sure you have plenty of outdoor lighting and  keeping a well maintained lawn are just some  things you can do to ensure Home Protection.


  • Saved by the Trigger Stun Gun.

    A female friend of mine who lives in a very small town but works in the city,  shared a story with me about how her Pink Trigger Stun Gun saved her.  She said that she purchased the stun gun to protect her in the city, but little did she know, that she would have to use it in her small home town. She said that on a Monday night while she was leaving a local market,  a man approached here that she knew.  The man appeared be high on some type of drug. He asked if she could give him some money for gas, as she reached into her pocketbook, he grabbed her around her neck and tried to force her into her car.  Since she had here hand  in her pocketbook, she pulled out her Stun Gun and stunned him, knocking him to the ground. She ran back inside the market and called the police, the man fled the location, but since she knew him, he was later arrested.  She did not think that she would ever be attacked in her small town.  Since that incident she has purchased a stun gun for her daughter and Pepper Shot Pepper Spray for she and her daughter.  She stated that she is more vigilant now in all areas.  It does not matter where you live,  in the city or in the country, you are always at risk. Having a  Safe Family Life Kit available can give you some peace of mind.

    Be safe and keep your Family Safe.

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